Aimee Molloy is the author of However Long the Night: Molly Melching's Journey to Help Millions of African Girls and Women Triumph. She is also the co-author of several books, including Then They Came For Me, now a major motion picuture entitled Rosewater


Endorsed by Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter, However Long the Night tells the story of Molly Melching, an extraordinary woman whose determination to support thousands of African women in their efforts to end gender inequality has changed the lives of millions.

Due to Molly's vision and her work bringing education to rural women across Senegal through her NGO, Tostan, nearly 5,000 Senegalese villages have declared an end to the centuries-old tradition of female genital cutting. Now, Senegal stands on the verge of becoming the first African nation to abandon the practice of FGC. 

However Long the Night is a vivid description of how religious and traditional leaders can play a unique role in advancing women’s rights. The story of Molly Melching and Tostan proves that determined and loving individuals can accomplish the seemingly impossible—abandonment of a harmful tradition that is thousands of years old.
— former President Jimmy Carter

For her work, Forbes Magazine has called Molly "one of the most powerful women in human rights" and Newsweek/The Daily Beast has chosen her as one of the 150 women who shake the world.

"Reading like a novel" (Publisher's Weekly), However Long the Night brings together Molly's riveting personal journey with the stories of the Senegalese women who have found the courage to lead what has become nothing short of one of the most important movements for human rights in Africa. 

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